IIST - 3rd Year - Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)



UNIT 1: Overview of Object Oriented concepts Overview of Object Oriented concepts: Objects and classes, abstraction, generalization and inheritance, encapsulation, multiple inheritance, aggregation abstraction classes, polymorphism, link and association, Need for object oriented approach.
UNIT 2: Object Modeling Technique System design life cycle, object oriented S/W development process model, Object Oriented Analysis, Object Modeling Technique (OMT): object model, function model, relationship among models, object diagrams, state diagrams, data flow diagrams, analysis.
UNIT 3: Object oriented Design Object oriented Design: Overview of object design, Combination the models, Designing algorithms, design optimization, Implementation of control, Adjustment, Design of association, object representation, physical packaging, documenting design decision, comparison of use-case driven approach.
UNIT 4: Translation Object Oriented design into implementation Translation Object Oriented design into implementation, Programming style, documentation, characterization of object oriented languages, Comparison of object oriented language like C++, JAVA, object programming.
UNIT 5: Unified Modeling Language Unified Modeling Language (UML): Class diagram sequence diagram Use case diagram, Collaboration, diagram, state, chart diagram, Activity diagram, component diagram, deployment diagram, Object oriented Database: Relational Vs .object oriented database, the architecture of object oriented database, query language for Object Oriented database.


  1. Assignment 1 (by Arpit Jain)

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