CDGI - 3rd Year - Unix Lab



UNIT 1: Overview of Unix/Linux Concepts, Unix/Linux Installation Process, Hardware Requirements for Unix/Linux ,Advantages of Unix/Linux, Reasons for Popularity and Success of Linux/Unix Operating System, Features of Linux/Unix Operating System, Kernel, Kernel Functions, The Shell Basic Commands, Shell Programming:-Shell Variables, Branching Control Structures, Loop-Control Structure, Continue and break Statements, Sleep Command, Debugging Script. Use of Linux as webserver, file server, directory server, application server, DNS server, SMTP server, Firewall, Proxy server.
UNIT 2: File System Definition of File System, Defining Geometry, Disk Controller, Solaris File System, Disk Based File Systems, Network-Based File Systems, Virtual File systems, UFS File System, The Boot Block, The Super Block, The Inode, Tuning File System, Repairing File System. Process Control: - Viewing a Process, Command to display Process, Process Attributes, Process States, Process Fields, PS Commands options, PGREP, PRSTAT, CDE Process Manager, Scheduling Process, Scheduling Priorities, Changing the Priority of a time-sharing process, Killing Process.
UNIT 3: System Security Physical Security, Controlling System Access, Restricted Shells Controlling File Access, File Access Commands, Access Control List(ACLs), Setting ACL Entries, Modifying ACL entries on a file, Deleting ACL entries on a file, Restricting FTP, Securing Super User Access, Restricting Root Access, Monitoring super user Access, TCP Wrappers. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol: - Introduction, DHCP Leased Time, DHCP Scopes, DHCP IP Address, Allocation Types, Planning DHCP Deployment, DHCP Configuration files, Automatic Startup of DHCP Server, Configuration of DHCP Clients, Manually Configuring the DHCP.
UNIT 4: Case Study Installation of Linux, Customization of Linux, Installation of SAMBA, APACHE, TOMCAT, Send MAIL, Postfix, Implementation of DNS, LDAP services, Firewall, Proxy server.


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