Elective-I (IT-5005) [2 - Software Testing ]


Definition of Bugs, Faults and Failures, Testing and Debugging, Common Causes of Defects and Failures. Role of Software Testing and Quality, Purpose of Software Testing, Testing Technique: Top-down and Bottom-up Techniques, General Characteristics of Software Testing, Metrics and Testing , Quality Management System (QMS), Limitations of Software Testing.


Software Development Models, Waterfall Model, V-Model, W-Model, Prototyping Model, Spiral Model, Agile Methodology, Object-oriented Development Methodology, Testing Life Cycle , Test Levels, Software Verification Techniques, Software Validation Techniques, Verification and Validation in the Software Development Life Cycle.


Static Testing: Introduction, Types of Reviews, Review Process, Static Analysis, Static Analysis Tool, Dynamic Testing: Introduction, White Box Testing, Types of White Box Testing, Black Box Testing, Defect Management, Requirement Traceability Table (RTT), Interaction Testing, Retrospection, other type of testing.


Testing tools, Introduction, Automation Testing, Automation Testing Frameworks, Objectives and limitations of Framework, Components of Automation Framework, Automation Framework Design Challenge, Types of Frameworks, Data-driven Automation Framework, Keyword-driven Test Framework, Modularity-driven Automation Framework, Hybrid Automation Framework, Types of Automation Tools.


Test management, Test Planning, Cost Benefit Analysis of Testing, Test Organisation, Test Strategies, Testing Activities, Monitoring and Control, Non-functional Testing or Specialised Testing, Introduction of object oriented testing.

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